Tom’s an intuitive and sensitive Personal Trainer… He listens and he’s interested in you and your goals
Claire, 31
So supportive with my training & nutrition
I decided I needed to try something to once and for all get fit and lose weight. I have tried every diet known with no results! I decided to give personal training ago , I have now worked with Tom for 9 weeks and lost over a stone and 10 percent of my body fat…
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Brian, 52
I’m astounded by the results I’ve achieved
Tom Wellman is an honest, sensitive, respectful and considerate coach. I know he has many clients but I always feel like I have his complete attention and focus. He is accessible and flexible, but he will challenge you to push yourself and do better and you will, as long as you want to of course…
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I can’t recommend Tom enough
This sounds so clichéd but Tom really helped me make a lifestyle change with my outlook on food choices, health and exercise. 2 years on and I am still having my weekly session and can genuinely say that I enjoy it every week, though my legs might disagree on leg day… 
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Gained so much more confidence
Since having Tom as my personal trainer I have gained so much more confidence and self motivation, fat loss and a lot more strength… On top of being able to maintain a healthy diet due to the great food advice he has given me, even being able to have a little treat…
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Gemma, 21
My fitness has improved dramatically
My fitness has improved dramatically since starting training I have tried to loose weight on my own and never got the results that I have achieved in just weeks with Tom he has taught me so much about nutrition and exercise making loosing weight and toning up less daunting…
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Helena, 27
Extremely motivational and fun
The 6 week training program with Tom was really fantastic and I would definitely recommend it.  I lost 5% body fat and increased my lean mass to 91%.  The sessions were hard but enjoyable.  Tom mixed it up so I never did the same work out.  I can notice the difference with defined abs and toned arms and bum!
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Tom Wellman is a truly inspirational individual and a first class Personal Trainer; you will never make a better decision than starting to work with him.
18 months ago I contacted Tom Wellman out of desperation and a need to change my life. I was significantly overweight, depressed, suffering from poor posture and a slipped disc, in constant pain and living a life of sofas, TV and ready meals. I was 43 years old and felt about 61 and knew I could not let things continue.

Despite a lifelong terror of exercise and gyms I took the plunge and an 18 month journey of discovery followed that has changed my life beyond my wildest dreams. The weight fell off, my physique transformed, my energy soared. People told me I looked 10 years younger. The pains left me, my back has never been better, neither has my enjoyment and enthusiasm for life. I feel reborn.

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