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What does warming up mean to you?

What does warming up mean to you? -To get your heart rate up -To prevent injury -To improve range of motion the above are all right, It is easy to forget however that you trying to warm up the intended muscle worked and to get in the right frame of mind before going...

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Get a bigger chest without the shoulder niggles

Continuing from my last post about training back without putting your shoulder into a vulnerable position. The same thing applies to training chest, keeping your shoulders back and down. Do you often pick up shoulder niggles when bench pressing? This is very common...

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Get the most out of your Back Workouts

Want to avoid picking up shoulder niggles and get a bigger back? Drop your ego, learn proper form, then slowly build up from there to make workouts more productive and injury free. ❌Lift with ego ❌elbow rising up (internal rotation) ❌elevated traps ❌using just biceps...

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Lose Weight the NEAT Way

Losing weight is all about creating a calorie deficit, and we all know we need to exercise and eat well. What is often overlooked is the other daily activities we do like gardening and shopping, this is known as NEAT (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis) A simple way...

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Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss: Trust Your Jeans, Not The Scale

It's easy to get obsessed by the scales. The scales are 1 of many tools that can be used to measure your weight loss and body composition goals People fixate on the number, and forget about the bigger picture, meaning health, strength, fitness levels and emotional...

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6 Steps and workout program to a Chiseled Chest

If your reading this, chances are you want that herculean chest that Arnie had? To fill out those tight t-shirts on a night out or to be able to walk proud on the beach on your next holiday. Achieve the following with my 7 steps and workout program to a chiseled chest...

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3 Steps to banish Bingo Wings

A lot of women get frustrated about the bit of hanging fat or loose skin under their arms. This is often referred to as 'bingo wings', this area of fat is not as difficult to get rid of as most people think. However, bingo wings can be very frustrating, especially...

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30 day workout plan for a strong, firm bum

If your reading this chances are you want to know how get a firm bum. Like any muscle, if you want to improve shape and tone, you need to use weights and exercises that will target the glutes, sorry ladies hours of cardio won’t do it. In a nutshell, get squatting, and...

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