Motivation, sometimes you have it, sometimes you don’t.

When it comes to health and fitness, we have all gone through high and low motivation periods.

Motivation comes from all sorts of sources, something you have read, watched, or heard, or self-motivation, wanting to hit your goals.

Maybe a new workout programme motivates you, joining a new gym, or a future event like a wedding or holiday.

The list goes on.

Specific goals and targets can light a fire inside and get you going. Others? Well, they don’t have the same effect.


What happens when motivation runs dry?

The spark is gone,

The fire inside you dies down?

And that goal or target you were so excited about last week turns into a daily grind?

“Is it that important? Does it matter if I don’t hit my goal?”

“It was a silly idea, anyway. Who cares if I miss out?”

I’m sure you have said this to yourself before when you have been dreading a workout.

I know I have!

I see it regularly with people when they first join my programme,

This motivation carries you through the first month; it’s exciting and new; everything is on the right track.

You even say to yourself, “I’m enjoying this whole health and fitness thing.”

But as time passes and you start to rack up more and more training sessions, the motivation drains away. Everything was on track, but the initial inspiration didn’t allow you to stay the course, the energy drained out, and then,

You miss a session,

You miss another.

You haven’t done anything for a few weeks.

You tell yourself, “It’s too late, no point going back now!”

And BANG. Just like that, you stop again!

Sound familiar?

How do you get off this motivational roller coaster and find a steady long-term path to get results that improve your health and fitness?

Try new workouts every day? New workout gear? New trainer? New gym?

These things will all work for a while, but they will not carry you through to your ultimate goal.

That’s up to you; you have to be the one who decides to make the change, to transform your mindset towards fitness and health.

Don’t look at it as something you have to do; look at it as something you want to do.

Pick achievable goals that mean something to you, then set solid habits to support them and stay disciplined.

With all that said, here are a few things that can help you stay the course,

A properly structured plan for workouts and nutrition.

A coach to help guide you through and keep you accountable.

Surround yourself with a group of people who motivate you and are on the same journey. The last thing you need is people dragging you down or laughing at your goals.

Most of all, do things you like. Enjoying the activities and journey will make the whole thing so much more fun.

When you finally decide to do it for yourself, to improve yourself and improve how you feel inside and out, then and only then will you get on a sustainable path to health and fitness.

It’s all about you!