I’ve slipped up on my diet this month.

Not just once.

Multiple times. 🍕🤷‍♂️🍷

And guess what?

I know I’ll slip up again.

So why haven’t I spiraled out of control?

Why haven’t I gained back the 145 pounds I’ve lost?

Two things:

1. Language 🗣
2. Mindset 🧠

When I overeat, I don’t call it a “binge.”

I don’t turn it into a game of “how bad can I be?” either…

I finish my meal and get back to eating the way I’d normally eat.

The next day, I don’t try and “recover” by drastically cutting calories, fasting, or doing guilt cardio…

I get back on the regular plan.


There’s not a single person on Earth who doesn’t veer off track on occasion.

Everyone overeats and skips workouts.

No one’s perfect.

Good news is, you don’t have to be perfect to lose weight and build a lean & healthy body.

What it takes is consistency 💯

Consistently hitting your nutrition targets…
Consistently making healthy food choices…
Consistently getting to the gym…


Stop beating yourself up after every little mistake.

Mistakes WILL happen.

Beating yourself up about it is like twisting the knife after getting stabbed 🔪…

Or stubbing your toe on a corner and then kicking it with your other foot 😤…

Or getting a flat tire and slashing the other 3 🚗…

Maybe yesterday wasn’t your best day. Hell, maybe this past weekend was completely off track… ⠀

The next time you slip up (cause it’ll happen), don’t make things worse.

Acknowledge it 🤔
Accept it happened 😏
Realize it’s not a big deal 🤪
And get back on track ASAP🤗

Consistency > Perfection