Pure Labs – Anabolic Amino – 30 servings




Not only does Anabolic Amino pack a punch with over 7g BCAA it is loaded with a further 8 essential amino acids, making Anabolic Amino one of THE most complete amino acid drinks on the market
  •  Anabolic Amino is infused with coconut water. Coconut water contains high levels of magnesium & potassium allowing for maximum hydration post workout
  • Pink himalayan salt. Not your average table salt, pink himalayan salt contains just the right amount of sodium to flood your muscle cells with the recovery minerals they need to keep you fuelled and help you recover faster.
What is Anabolic Amino? 
Anabolic Amino is a muscle building hydration amino acid drink loaded with essential amino acids, electrolytes & coconut water.
Anabolic Amino is for any sportsman or woman looking to increase their protein & essential amino acid levels following a hard workout.
Who should take Anabolic Amino?
Anabolic Amino can be taken by both men and women who train HARD and push their bodies to the limit. Anabolic Amino contains no banned substances and is tested by our athletes to ensure maximum quality. Anabolic Amino is also gluten & lactose free, & Halal friendly.
What’s more, Anabolic Amino contains FERMENTED BCAAs, meaning the BCAAs  are sourced from plants instead of animals. Does your current amino acid drink contain all of these things?
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