Do you suffer with lower back or knee pain

Anterior Pelivic Tilt (APT) maybe the reason why.
Modern day life of sitting too much can be a major factor contributing towards APT, regular stretching and strengthening specific muscles can help neutralise the hips and help you to be:

-Pain free 
-Have improved mobility 
-Achieve better technique 
-Gain better posture 

Working to reduce anterior pelvic tilt posture is relatively straight forward.
In theory, it should involve strengthening the hip extensor and abdominal muscles and stretching the hip flexor and back muscles.

For example:
-Couch stretch to mobilise hips
-Hip Bridge to strengthen glutes

Causes of APT


🔹Rectus Abdominis


🔹Hip Flexor (Psoas)
🔹Rectus Femoris
🔹Erector Spinae