Is your social life causing you to have a beer belly?

Like most most other young people in their 20’s, I ate and drank too much most weekends which left me feeling lethargic and bloated. During that time however, I had started weight training and the results were beginning to show with bigger arms, chest and shoulders. Despite the positive changes in my body shape, I still didn’t feel overly confident went I went out socialising which was largely due never quite achieving a flat stomach, that small roll of fat niggled me and knocked my self confidence. I questioned why I was unable to shift that last roll, I was training hard, lifting weights and watching what I ate all week and yet still it wouldn’t shift.

I began to focus on my workouts, trying to really enjoy my training and diet that would afford me both a healthy lifestyle and achieve sustainable changes that would leave me feeling motivated and confident as opposed to feeling deprived and restricted.

Personal training is more than just a workout. It’s about finding methods that work best for you as an individual rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. so things like sleep, nutrition, mobility, habits and creating life balance will be factored in to help not only achieve your goals, but to have a better quality of life

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