1️⃣Don’t move enough

If you think about it, how much are you moving throughout a 24hr day? Majority of the time you are sleeping, driving, watching TV/paying games or sitting down at work. You are not burning as many calories as you think at the gym. Get moving!

2️⃣Eat too much

You are eating too much, it’s that simple. When people say ‘I am going low carb’ or ‘i am going to be really good this week’ how do you know?? It’s all guess work unless you are tracking your calories.

3️⃣Mindless eating

How many of you eat and don’t realise what you are having? Do you even acknowledge the taste and enjoy it? It’s easy to eat while on the phone, driving or watching the TV. Maybe give yourself the time to enjoy and appreciate your food.
Also giving yourself the time to acknowledge your food can stop you from making the wrong choice

“do I actually need this?”

Also you will realise when you are full and stop instead of eating for the sake of it

4️⃣Lack of knowledge

Do you actually know the calorie content of what you are putting inside your mouth? You might think twice if you knew that chocolate bar was 500 calories and a 1/3 of your daily allowance. This is why I recommend tracking your food. If you know the content of the food you are consuming, then you are more likely to make the right decisions.

5️⃣Short term focused

The majority of people want instant weight loss which sets them up for failure with doing fad diets etc. What about setting other goals that are long term besides weight loss, like

🔹improving health
🔹improving fitness
🔹better mobility

Having other goals to focus on will help you achieve long term results because it’s more than the aesthetic benefits of weight loss. To achieve the above involves a nutrition and exercise plan that you enjoy and is not too restrictive.