A little reminder for those of you who might have a few treats at the weekend. The slice of cake won’t determine your results, it’s what you do next. You need to open up your mind and see the bigger picture, it’s 1 snack/meal out of 35 snacks/meals for example over 7 days. Having that mindset takes the pressure off and gives you the feeling of not being restricted.

Remember…you have options

-move more and burn more calories
-fit the slice of cake into your calories
-Just accept you have gone off track, but that’s ok, get back on track with next meal
-Calorie borrowing-consume slightly less calories the following 1-2 days.

Creating that sense of freedom and not being restricted will be a very powerful tool for long term weight loss.

Eventually, the goal is to never have to stress out over food because you are so well-practiced in eating moderately everyday.

Remember: you have options and you’ve only ever one meal away from getting back on track. Make your next meal better!