Do you feel exhausted all the time? Do you find yourself lacking in energy and motivation to lose weight and be active?

We should also consider other factors, like the menstrual cycle and stress when determining calorie intake and expenditure.

Things to keep in mind when aiming for optimal health.

Calorie cycling

Depending on the time of the month, you should increase or decrease your calorie intake. For those of you who struggle with cravings around your period and need to eat every bar of chocolate in sight, it may be worth increasing your calorie intake around that time in order to adhere to your diet protocol in the long run. You should not beat yourself up if you eat more calories in this section of your cycle since it is normal

Cycle training volume/intensity

It is important to make considerations based on the stage of your menstrual cycle as well. I suggest tapering down the volume and intensity of training when you lose energy and motivation. This is not laziness, but rather playing the long game.

‘Female supplements’

You need to ensure your diet is in order and that your daily routine includes habits that support optimal sleep and mental health.

When those are in place, supplements like vitamin B12, iron, folic acid, magnesium, vitamin D3 and inositol can have a significant impact on your overall wellness, assuming you need them.

Blood work

To determine whether anything is out of the normal range that might contribute to your mood/energy, I recommend getting a comprehensive blood test.

Blood markers worth checking in women include


-vitamin b12




When you get your blood test results, do your own analysis and dig a bit deeper into what they mean. Be wary of being dismissed with ‘they are fine’ or ‘they are normal’

If your feeling energised, you’re in a better position to adhere to the diet and train hard.


The most overlooked part of losing weight…NEAT (Non exercise Activity Thermogenesis). NEAT is low impact and low intensity, which is crucial when you’re looking to keep energy output high while feeling tired.