Weekend of alcohol ahead?

Can you drink alcohol and still lose weight?

You can still have a drink, socialise and enjoy yourself and still lose weight. As long as you remain in a calorie deficit you will still lose weight. Is it it optimal for health, muscle gain or appetite? Probably not but you will achieve long term weight loss, which will therefore improve health and more importantly allow you to live a balances and enjoyable life.

Being mindful of the calories in what you are drinking and making smart substitutions will make a big difference in the amount of calories consumed. Its funny really, because when you are having junk food like a burger and fries, you acknowledge that you are consuming a lot of calories, but when drinking alcohol you not necessarily acknowledge the calorie content in the same way. If you have 10 pints on a Saturday night, thats 2100 calories, compared 10 vodka/diet cokes which works out to be 650 calories

Calories in alcohol

Beer – 210 kcal
Prosecco – 80 kcal
Wine – 180 kcal
Gin + Tonic – 59 kcal
Vodka + Diet coke – 65 kcal
Margarita – 170 kcal
Vodka + coke – 150 kcal

And of course, don’t be forgetting about that cheeky secret kebab at 2am pushing you into a surplus