Yes…that’s right, you can drink alcohol and still lose weight. If you can factor the alcohol into your calories and still be in a calorie deficit then all is good.

Obviously from a health standpoint it would be better to skip alcohol all together, but for many of you that is not a realistic request.

If you are able to plan ahead and stay within your calorie intake, then it’s still possible to keep making progress and lose weight. Here are some tips to consider when drinking alcohol to help you stay on track.

-Work out weekly calorie intake e.g 14,000. Eat a bit less each day (150-200 kcal) and bank the extra calorie for the alcohol
-Choose wisely. Go with with whiskey, vodka, gin etc on the rocks or with diet soda. The calories from the sugary cocktails add up quickly.
-Avoid the ‘hangover Sunday’s’ and get back on track. Go for a walk, just get moving and burn calories. The majority do more damage with the hangover food the next day.
-Avoid the kebab and cheesy chips on the way home, easy another 1500-2000 kcal.
You can still drink alcohol, but you need to COMPRIMISE. Remember why you started on your weight loss journey.