How often do you perform an exercise and not feel the intended muscle working? Get the most out each exercise by changing your mindset

Stop lifting with ego 
Stop thinking about progressive overload

And start thinking about

Full range of motion under tension
Being able to contract the muscle
Start thinking about origins and insertions of the muscle and how they lengthen and shorten
Being in control of the lowering phase of the weight, not just the lifting

In the Flat Dumbbell Press for example I am not thinking about just lifting the weight up in the air, I am thinking about
🔹lowering the weight under control to create distance between the origin (clavicle) and the insertion (humerus)
🔹bringing the origin and insertion close to together to finish the exercise (not just lift my arms)

The picture on the left shows the origin and insertion lengthened, and the picture on the right shows the origin and insertion coming together in the short range.

I could break down the exercise into more detail, but for the purpose of this I want you to think about the origin and insertion of the muscle you are working.

This applies to all exercises, next time you go into gym, sacrifice weight and master the technique and think about what it is you are trying to achieve.

If you have any questions message me