Things to consider for female fat loss

1. Calorie cycling

It’s a good idea to increase or decrease calorie intake depending on the time of the month.

If you struggle with cravings around your period and want to eat every bar of chocolate in sight, it may be worth increase your calorie intake around that time to help you adhere to your dietary protocol in the long run. Don’t beat yourself up in this section of your cycle if you fancy more calories as it’s normal to do so

2. Cycle training volume and intensity

Again, considerations need to be made depending on what stage you are at during the menstrual cycle. The times you feel low on energy and motivation, taper down the training volume and intensity. This is not being lazy, but being smart and playing the long game.

3. ‘Female supplements’ Folic acid, vitamin b12 and iron, inositol

The priority is to ensure your diet is in check and that you have implemented good habits into your daily routine that aids optimal sleep and mental health. Once those are in place, supplements like vitamin b12, iron, folic acid and Inisitol can make a big impact on your overall well-being. If your feeling energised, you’re in a better position to adhere to the diet and train hard.

4. Be consistent with NEAT

The most overlooked part of losing weight…NEAT (Non exercise Activity Thermogenesis). Keep moving, take the stairs, walk the dog…whatever it is stay active. You don’t have to be in the gym all the time to lose weight. I highly recommend tracking your steps daily but investing in something like a fitbit to keep yourself accountable. Remember, a habit of walking 10,000 steps a day expends roughly 400-500 calories, that’s 2800-3500 calories a week.

5. Accepting weekly fluctuations

Just know and expect your bodyweight, body image and mood/hunger will fluctuate during the month. Mentally you will be in a better place to cope with the changes and factor it in to your weight loss journey. What gets monitored gets measured. Track your weight every week, and compare to the previous month, instead of week after week.
Learn to adapt to your ever changing physiological and psychological state.

Be king to yourself.