When out with friends, family, and your partner, are you able to truly enjoy yourself? Are you too busy thinking about food that you don’t connect with or be present with those around you?

If you have plans to eat out or go out on a night out, if someone cooks for you, or if you plan to attend a social gathering that involves food or drinks, do you feel anxious?

Are you familiar with the following?

😫Do you feel like the odd one out?
😫It will be impossible for you to control yourself
😫Do you worry about not knowing how many calories are in a meal, causing you to restrict yourself or, worse, refrain from going altogether?
😫Whenever you eat something ‘off-plan’ or that you couldn’t account for, do you feel guilty that the event is no longer worthwhile?

It is not a sustainable or fulfilling approach to diet if it makes you feel anxious, guilty, and restricted.

The same applies if you lose all control over food and feel an overwhelming urge to binge as a result of the plan you are following.

When you find yourself constantly worrying about food and thinking about it, you’re missing out on what’s truly important in life. Food should never diminish your quality of life; it should never be your only focus.

Looking good doesn’t have to limit your other interests; you can enjoy life while maintaining a body you’re proud of.

When you learn how to approach your nutrition in a way that allows you to enjoy yourself, without guilt and without losing control, you’re able to be more present, feel more confident and get more out of life. You don’t have to be a slave to food.