To lose weight, you have to be in a caloric deficit, which yesterdays post explain in more detail. Being hungry is part of the territory when losing weight, its going to happen at some point in your weight loss journey as you are taking in less calories that your body needs.

However there are ways to cope with hunger, with making the right food choices, meaning picking high volume foods.

What does high volume food mean? Well it means eating a large amount of food for little calories, for example

Big mac vs lean protein, veg and fruit

You can either pick the tasty Big Mac that will take up the majority of your daily calorie intake and offer poor satiety, or the lean protein, veg and fruit which you can have lots of, keep you full and use half of the calories of the Big Mac

Below is a list of high volume foods

Lean protein
Greek yoghurt
Homemade smoothies

You can make your calorie intake stretch a long way if your imaginative and no the foods that give you the most food volume of the calories. I suggest searching for substitutes and and lower calorie alternatives to your favourite foods and see if you can increase the amount of food you are having.

Stay full….lose weight

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