You don’t burn as many calories as you think after a ‘big’ or ‘heavy’ leg day. Certainly not enough to warrant that big cheat day

Think about it, you’re working out for approx 15-20 mins out of a 60 min workout, with regular selfies, Facebook check ins and insta stories scheduled in.  On a very good day, you may burn 350-400 calories, but that’s if you’re doing lots of volume and minimal rest.

Even when you are lifting weights, how hard are you actually training?
Compared to 60 mins of of continuous walking moving your bodyweight.

155 lb person walks 1 Mile = 100 calories; the more you weigh the more calories you will burn.

‘Yeah but Tom, what about the afterburn?

The afterburn, known as EPOC is approximately 30 calories which is equivalent to a sip of coke, so not worth getting excited about.

Now this not to say walking is more beneficial than lifting weights, it depends what you’re goals are. It can certainly burn more calories than the majority of your weight training sessions.

Obviously weight training has many benefits which I won’t get into in this post. I just wanted to demonstrate that walking can be a very useful tool when the goal is weight loss and that you don’t burn as many calories as you think lifting weights.