Struggling to lose weight having PCOS? It doesn’t haven’t to be that way.
Making the right adjustments to your diet, training and supplementation can make a significant impact on your weight loss efforts.
The following factors need to be considered
🔸insulin resistant- improve body metabolism of glucose
🔸Vitamin D deficiency – 67-85% of women living with PCOS have vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D deficiency can make PCOS symptoms like insulin resistance and menstrual irregularities worse.
🔸Control appetite and cravings- more likely to snack and binge
How to improve the above ?
✅Create a calorie deficit- this principle remains the same
✅PrioritiseResistance training – improves insulin sensitivty
✅Lower the % of carbs. Roughly 30% of total calorie intake, opt for low Gi carbs where possible
✅Prioritise foods high in protein and fibre to keep you full and control appetite
✅Prioritise resistance training to improve insulin sensitivity
The following supplements will help improve insulin sensitivity, fatigue, overall health, well-being and help you to adhere to a calorie deficit
✅Inositol- 2g in the morning, 2g in the evening
✅Vitamin D- 4000iu daily
✅Folic acid- 400 mcg daily
✅Vitamin B12- 2.4 mcg daily
✅Omega 3 Fish oil- 3000 mg daily