The most important thing to realise with cravings and emotional eating is that your body isn’t truly hungry! Your body is craving comfort but it doesn’t need to come from food! Find other ways to self soothe & provide your body with comfort. Maybe take a hot bath, go for a brisk walk, read a book, meditate, whatever it is that relaxes you and makes you feel comfortable. Just give yourself the opportunity to think and be mindful before you’re about to over indulge, instead of eating everything in sight without thinking, then regretting it after. Who can relate to this?

If you still have cravings afterwards, maybe allow yourself to eat it, but you are more likely to consume smaller portions because you’ve already provided your body with the comfort it needed. The difference you are eating the food for pleasure not hunger.

It’s 100% ok to eat the foods you love but do so when you’re in a great mindset so you can eat them slowly & truly savour every single bite rather than inhaling it because you’re already feeling guilty, emotional, tired, stressed or upset. Learn to deal with difficult emotions in ways that don’t involve food.