Suffer with knee pain?

Chances are it’s not the knee itself, but either the hip or the ankle or a combination of the 2 that results in inefficient movement, resulting the in knee picking up the slack and being the loose link in the chain

Knee Valgus often know as knock knees and flat feet are common and often interlinked and will often result in knee pain. The above can occur at the bottom of a squat/lunge, or simply walking.

Knee valgus

Can be due to structural deformities like rheumatoid arthritis or a deformity of the knee joint, femur, or tibia which can’t be prevented. However knee valgus causes by muscle imbalance and poor posture can be prevented.

stretch tight adductors due to being overworked
strengthen glutes, particularly the glute medius which prevents the femur internally rotating (knock knees)
Strengthen hip flexors- reduces anterior pelvic tilt (APT) and therefore the femur internally rotating

Flat Feet

Knee Valgus is often accompanied by flat feet, which is where the arches of your feet cave inwards and place more stress on the knee. Modern day footwear are looking more like space shoes with huge soles, which may feel comfortable, but are destroying the mechanics of your feet. Our feet should have a natural arch with toes spread (scroll to 2nd image), but narrow and flat feet are becoming the norm. Collapsed arch then results in the tibia internally rotating, the foot pronating and the knee being overworked

wear shoes with minimal sole
walk barefoot at every opportunity
use lacrosse ball to massage tight muscles in the bottom of your feet
stretch and use a foam roll the side of your calves (got tight due to tibia externally rotating)
strengthen feet/ankles

A good place to start is with your feet. Always work from the ground up. If the foundations are not working properly, everything else on top will suffer.