Liverpool Personal Trainer Discusses ‘Happy Weight’

What weight are you happy at? Do you have know ?

The picture on the left I weighed 165lb and experienced the following

👎Low mood
👎Low sex drive
👍Low energy
👎No social life
👎Low motivation

The picture on the right I weighed 178lb and experienced

👍More energy
👍Workout intensity increased
👍Enjoy social occasions
👍Elevated mood
👍Enjoy the foods I like
👍More motivated

I may of been leaner and 13 pound lighter on the left, but I felt like 💩 and my quality of life suffered 😫

The difference between the 2 pictures is I have learnt to balance other factors in life (mentioned below) and not get caught up in the aesthetics and getting lost in the world of Instagram.

What is your happy weight? it’s about Finding that happy medium between feeling comfortable at the beach or maybe it’s wearing a tight outfit on a night out, and factoring in the following

👉🏼Social life
👉🏼Sustainable results
👉🏼Mental Health
👉🏼Quality of life

All of the above are compromised when looking to get lean. They all will impact your life infinitely more than scale weight.

So please, let’s start focusing more on the stuff that actually matters.