Liverpool Personal Trainer | Same Calories,Different Macros

When it comes to fat loss, people get too caught up in the best macro split.

-Higher % of carbs

-Lower % of fats

-Higher % of fats

-Lower % of carbs

However, the most important factor is….a calorie deficit. You could have the same daily calories, but different macro (carbs, fats and protein) ratios and they would all yield the same results. I am guessing that you think low carbs is better for fat loss? This is not true, studies show that the results low carb vs high carb are very similar.

It all comes down to the individual and trial and error to determine the best macro split for you, not anyone else. The most important thing to consider is adherence, what macro split are you more likely to adhere to? So you need to identify the foods you enjoy, typically are they higher in fat or higher in carbs?

There are also many other factors to consider that will allow for optimal results

Insulin sensitivity-

If you have a history of over indulging on carbs, it might be worth lowering carbs for a short time to improve insulin sensitivity, meaning utilise carbs more efficiently

Job –

high fat/protein in the maybe for a job that involves high levels of concentration and focus. If you’re active all day e.g builder, higher carbs might be better.


the best macro split is the one you can stick to

Type of exercise –

if you like doing lots of activity for a long period of time when demand on glycogen is high, for example swimming, cycling and running, high carb option might be better.

Food preferences

To summarise, it might be worth considering  the points mentioned above, once you have the foundations being able to adhere to a calorie deficit consistently.