People are too quick to establish which foods are the most effective for weight loss without really considering their behaviours and attitudes to food.

Mindfulness can be a very powerful tool in influencing weight loss, particularly in regards to emotional eating and is often overlooked.

Simply being aware of what you’re eating can inform your choices when making decisions about food; allowing time ensures separation between trigger and response.

We’ve all been guilty of making poor food choices, for example:

❌eating more than one portion


❌eating extra of our favorites

❌lack of portion control

The question is, do you know when you are full? A lot of the time our emotions get in the way and dictate how we eat.

Below are a few questions you could ask yourself when eating, to help you stay present and to make better food choices.

For example

🔹how do you feel?
🔹do you actually feel hungry?
🔹do you feel full?
🔹how does it taste?
🔹are you actually enjoying it?
🔹what are you thinking?
🔹what am I doing?
🔹how is my breathing?

Being aware and being mindful of what you are eating can have a positive impact on emotional eating by

✅reducing stress
✅being aware of hunger

✅knowing when you’re full
✅awareness of emotions and triggers

I challenge you the next time you eat to be more aware of the present by considering the above factors and to eat without any distractions such as:


❌watching tv


Think before you eat 😃