Quite simply you can’t “make up for” poor choices when it comes to nutrition. It is far easier to cut 400 calories from your day through a few light switches & portion control than trying to counteract excessive food consumption with exercise.

In the health & fitness industry cardio is usually a go-to when embarking on a transformation journey. A lot of people believe it’s the golden rule for fat loss, filling their gym sessions with more cardio, avoiding weights in fear of getting ‘too big’, using cardio to lessen the damage after a binge or blowout to counteract what in actual fact is only a mere dint in comparison to what they’ve actually consumed. ​
So let’s clear the air – Fat loss is determined by calories in vs calories out, of which nutrition is key in driving the result. Exercise is a great accessory to your plan, additional activity equates to additional burned calories on top of your BMR; it will also provide you with increased fitness levels, good endorphins and many other physical & mental health benefits, but it should not be the quick fix to erase your food guilt or drive results on its own. ​
​You also don’t need to miss out on dining out if you’re trying to lose weight, it’s all about CHOICES

⚠️ A lot of people on a #fatloss journey will forbid themselves from dining out in fear it will stall progress. If your diet is restrictive it sets you up for potential blowouts & also means that your practices aren’t sustainable. ✔️ Here’s our tips for making it work:

✅Save a calorie allowance, if you’re planning a calorie dense dinner/dessert, compensate by having smaller meals throughout the day
✅Prioritise protein, fiber & balance in each of these meals for a better end outcome
✅Pre plan – look at the menu prior to stay on track
✅Control portions – everything in moderation!
✅Pick smarter beverages and limit / keep track of alcohol ​Work smarter, not harder & have a good relationship with both food and exercise.”