Lower back pain sucks

Have you ever had lower back pain while walking all day with friends and family?

Lower back pain can be very frustrating and can strike at anytime…the thing is you can do something about it, if you want to that is

The advice of ‘take it easy’ and ‘rest up’ is the worst thing you could be doing…and is often one of the biggest reasons why you are suffering with back pain in the first place. The best thing to do is to stay active, take charge and work on the things listed in the ‘Action plan’

Key points to remember

Control your environment- most of us are sedentary the majority of the time whether it’s sleeping, working or relaxing. Being fixed in a disadvantageous position for up to 16 hours EVERY day, you better make sure Its not only comfortable, but more importantly supportive and improves your lower back issues. Focus on improving the environment in the situations listed below, and set yourself up for progress.


Invest in a supportive mattress/pillow. A head pillow should maintain the natural posture of the neck and help support the spine. Ideally, it should be comfortable, adaptable to different positions, and keep its overall shape after use. Try the following sleeping position to help reduce back pain.

1. Sleeping in the fetal position
2. Sleeping on the side with a pillow between the knees
3. Sleeping on the back with knee support

Working at a desk

Standing desk or supportive chair that cushions your lower back. An ergonomic office chair is a tool that, when used properly, can help one maximise back support and maintain good posture while sitting. No matter how comfortable you are sitting down, prolonged static posture is not good for the back and contributes to back problems and muscle strain. To avoid keeping the back in one position for a long period, remember to stand, stretch often. For example a quick stretch or some minimal movement like walking to the water cooler or bathroom will help.

Functionality over Vanity

Your priorities are no longer big biceps and a peachy booty, but to build a body that’s strong, robust and provides longevity. Focus on the stretches and strengthening exercises listed.