‘My diet is good, all i eat is……’ If you’ve ever said this then you were most likely lying!

Everybody eats crap occasionally

Including me, but I know about it, I accept it, track it and therefore I know I can take actionable steps to improve it

Now if you’re telling me you eat “good”, then why are you having problems losing weight?

Your metabolism?

Studies have actually found that a lot of people that self-diagnose a “slow metabolism” actually under-report food intake AND over-report daily activity by up to 50%!!!

So, maybe you should ask yourself these questions before you jump to conclusions…

Are you accounting for everything that you eat?

Everything contains Calories… Every lick, bite, and nibble; fruits, vegetables, sauces, and drinks; even those peanuts on your desk that you don’t even know you’re eating!!

And yes, weekends do count!

Do you realise how much you’re eating?

Do you have big portions, do you eat out of habit, or do you not realise just how many Calories you’re consuming with “clean” foods?

Are you over-estimating how many Calories you’re burning?

I seriously doubt that you burned 600 Calories in that spin class, especially if you’re just plodding along at the back! Ask yourself, did I REALLY work that hard?

It’s very difficult to estimate how many Calories you burn through exercise, so it’s probably better to underestimate rather than overestimate