Does the following sound familiar?

-Following a diet plan and not losing/gaining weight
-Following a weight training programme and struggling to gain muscle

Essentially, training is about transferring knowledge while coaching is about applying that knowledge. For me, I like to get to know the client, to find out more about their preferences, lifestyle, habits and how they learn best. I am now able to present the knowledge in a way that is useful for them.

Key characteristics of training:

-Learning focused
-Provides new knowledge and skills
-Usually structured
-Used to get someone to do a specific task

Key characteristics of coaching:

-Development focused
-Facilitates critical thinking and decision-making
-Usually takes place one-on-one
-Informal or unstructured
-Used to improve performance and behaviour

You can have the best tools in the world at your disposal, but if you can’t utilise them properly then you are leaving a lot on the table.

You maybe following a training programme at the moment that promises you will gain slabs of muscle, but if you don’t execute the exercises properly, with high intensity and lack adherence to the diet, then the results you could achieve would suffer. Nothing wrong with the knowledge, its just how its applied.

I am very passionate about building client relationships, to do what’s right for them, instead of everyone else or what the textbook says.