Wake up your sleepy glutes.  It’s not just about the booty gains for the Instagram. The glutes are incredibly important and have a huge role to play, including

🔸Improving posture
🔸injury prevention
🔸improving performance
🔸providing power for big compound lifts like squats and deadlifts
🔸preventing lower back pain
🔸protecting knees
🔸Hip stability

This is why I want to show you some basic exercises i suggest you do everyday to fire up your glutes and get them working as they should. Think about it, how long are the majority of us are sitting down for, resulting in our glutes to be come inactive. These will help you move better, feel better, protect your knees and improve your training performance

The main reason for underactive glutes or “glute amnesia” is due to sedentary lifestyle. Even people that go to the gym everyday and fitness enthusiasts, if they are guilty of sitting down for the remainder of the day, then they are simply not using their glutes. Remember the old saying – if you don’t use it, you lose it. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens to your glutes.

Beginner sleepy glutes routine

Aim for 12 – 15 repetitions and anywhere from 2 – 3 sets everyday. These exercise can also be used as a glute activation technique to help wake up your sleepy glutes!

1. single leg glute bridgeglute bridge
2. single leg glute bridge
3. Clamshellls with loop band
4. bulgarian split squats