Tales of the weekday dieter and the reasons why you’re not making progress:-

Unfortunately the calories consumed at the weekend do count and this accounts for one of the main reasons why people’s progress is not reflected on the scales. “I’ve been good all week, been to the gym and my diet has been on point”

Does this sound familiar? ‘All week’ includes the weekend, not just Monday to Friday

The graph illustrates the behaviours of many people during the week, dieting well Monday to Friday, even creating a calorie deficit, then Friday afternoon comes round and suddenly the shackles are off and the calorie deficit is quickly lost. If this sounds like you then it might be worth asking yourself the following:

🔹Is my diet sustainable?
🔹Am i enjoying it?
🔹Does my diet offer flexibility?

Let’s say Mr Smith maintains his weight on 2300 calories, and sets a 500-calorie daily deficit to lose weight. As you can see, they could be on point the entire week, then Mr Smith turns into the weekend warrior and completely offsets his hard work by 2 and a half days of splurging!

The first 4 days of the weeks, Mr smith’s average calorie intake was 1800 calories, he then turns into the weekend warrior and the weekly average drastically goes up to 2528 calories

2000 calorie deficit created (Mon – Thurs)

3600 calorie surplus (Fri – Sun)

You cannot out train a bad diet, you can easily undo the hard work you have put in during the week by having ‘a few drinks’ and a takeaway etc. You have worked so hard during the week to create a significant deficit so why undo the hard work at the weekends and reverse the hard earned calorie deficit into a calorie surplus?

There is a way to allow for extra calories at the weekend which i will go into next week.

Be mindful of what you eat at the weekends, eat/drink in moderation and create flexibility during the week so you don’t feel the need to splurge at the weekends.