How has your environment changed during lockdown?

This is something I’ve been paying more attention to, focusing on

-Where i work
-Where i workout
-Who i surround myself with
-The structure of my day
-How much time i spend on social media

All of the above have been impacted throughout lockdown.Taking control where possible, is a necessity. Otherwise the situation will be the one in control of YOU.

Here’s a couple of simple things you can do to help

-Be very specific and strict with where you WORK, where you TRAIN, where you EAT and where you RELAX

These are usually segregated for us. But now, they’re all happening in one place, at home. This can make it very difficult to switch between the different states we need to be in within each given task.

Making sure you have designated area’s in your house for each activity is hugely beneficial… and DON’T let them cross over at all e.g. be strict on not working where you relax, or eating where you work etc

-Be aware of who you’re surrounding yourself with and cut out anyone / anything that puts you in a negative state

I don’t mean people, i mean people you’re allowing into your life through

-social media

We may not be physically surrounded by people, but we are listening and watching to more people than ever through these platforms

The best thing is we are the ones IN CONTROL of who we follow, who’s content we take in, what we listen to etc…

Go through your ‘following’ list on IG right now and unfollow / hide the content of anyone that isn’t serving you or aiding your mental/physical health. You’ll thank me later.