In the first of a three-part series about weight loss struggles and PCOS, I talk about the foundations.

Are you struggling to lose weight with PCOS?

By adjusting your diet, training, and supplements, you can make a significant difference to your weight loss efforts.

The following factors need to be considered

🔸insulin resistance- improve body metabolism of glucose
🔸Vitamin D deficiency – 67-85% of women living with PCOS have vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D deficiency can make PCOS symptoms like insulin resistance and menstrual irregularities worse.
🔸Control appetite and cravings. More likely to snack and binge

How to improve the above?

âś…Maintain a calorie deficit.
âś…Lower the % of carbs. Roughly 30% of total calorie intake, opt for low Gi carbs where possible
âś…Prioritise foods high in protein and fibre to control your appetite.
âś…Prioritise training with weights to improve insulin sensitivity
âś…Introducing intermittent fasting can help improve insulin sensitivity
âś…Consuming carbs around your training can also improve insulin sensitivity

Part 2 will focus on PCOS symptoms.