🏆 Non Scale Victories 🏆

It’s easy to let the scales influence how we feel about ourselves and determine our  weight loss progress, but achieving our health and fitness goals is so much more than that. The scales are not the only tool to measure your progress, there are other ways including:

🔹How your clothes fit
🔹Feedback from people
🔹Visual changes

You may have gained a couple of pound in the morning, which may lead to a loss of motivation and leave you feeling as though you’re not progressing. Many things can effect daily weigh ins, such as:

🔹High sodium foods
🔹Eating late and early weigh in
🔹Be consistent with weighing with clothes on or off
🔹Bowel movement

🔹Water intake

When weighing in the morning, try and be consistent with how you do it to get the most accurate results, including:

🔹Time of the morning you weigh
🔹Time you have your last meal
🔹Clothes on or off
🔹Control daily calorie intake

Sometimes it’s a good idea to create other goals that are not just based on your appearance. It can be unhealthy to be fixated on a number “i want to be 9 stone” who cares what you weigh, as long as you feel good and comfortable in your clothes.
There is so much more to health and fitness, including

✅Getting stronger
✅Improving fitness
✅Improving health
✅Improve confidence
✅improve posture
✅improve mobility

✅improve mental health

It’s easy to lose sight of the above, however they are just as important as weight loss. By focusing on achieving these goals, it will help naturally to achieve weight loss.

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