It’s the 1st of December and for many people Christmas preparation starts now, which usually results in overindulging and forgetting what calories are 

What you can achieve in 21 days

-Lose weight

-Drop a dress/pant size

-Improve fitness

-create good habits

-setting the foundations for the new year

-build momentum

-improve mobility

What you can achieve in 21 days is endless.

The above points just boils down to taking care of yourself. Why let yourself regress ? The art of living a healthy lifestyle long term is being in control and have some balance.

It’s all about mindset 

Ask yourself, over indulging the whole month of December make you feel better? Is the short term enjoyment worth it? Talking from experience, you enjoy all festivities then you look and feel like crap. Am I saying don’t over indulge ? Of course not, but it’s about balance and compromise. Maybe give yourself 3 days off over Christmas, then get back on track.

Plus it gives you a bigger hill to climb in the new year

Why wait? Anything worth doing is worth doing RIGHT NOW

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