Why would you follow a generic diet plan when we are all so different

Are you fed up of following countless diet plans that promise big results but you’re still in the same situating as you were 5 years ago?

There are many variables to Factor in when deciding on which diet plan to follow, including

🟠 Goals
🟠 Height/weight/body fat
🟠 Activity level
🟠 Diet History
🟠 Allergies/intolerances
🟠 Food preferences

Having the above in mind, it makes it even more crazy to think we can all follow the same diet plan and get the same results

Then you have to think about the most important factor when it comes to the success of any diet is adherence.

There are a few variables that will dictate some ones adherence, for example

Meal Timing- Tom might prefer to consume calories in the first half of the day, compared to Ryan who prefers eating later in the day.

Food preferences- Tom prefers foods higher in fats, compared to Ryan who prefers carbs.

Lifestyle- Tom works from home and has no kids, compared to Ryan who has kids and is out of the the house for 12 hours.

This is where coaching becomes so important, to understand preferences/behaviours, instead of following a generic plan and hoping for the best. Why waste time, why set yourself up to fail when you can set yourself up for the win. Find a path that works for you, not anyone else.