Sleeping a minimum of 7 hours is non-negotiable.

Getting the most out of your diet, work, exercise and overall happiness is highly dependent on getting enough sleep. It can be hard with kids, shift work and the way society works in general, but it’s still important to make an effort.

Everyone is a bit different in exactly how much they need, but the scientific consensus is between 7-9 hours per night on average.

Note that the studies showing improved athletic performance often find more benefits by going beyond this, but the populations being studied are mostly college athletes with hard training schedules. Over 9 hours per night might not apply to the rest of us.

The weight loss studies generally show the same total weight loss between sleep-deprived and control groups, but shortened sleep duration means more of the weight loss comes from muscle and less from fat.

Do you focus on sleep? How much do you get and do you feel refreshed?