Using a online calorie calculator will give you a rough estimate at best. Continuous evaluating and modifying your calories is a must to avoid a fat loss Plateau.

There is no magical number to lose weight

The factors mentioned below are not taking into consideration and maybe the reason why using a online calorie calculator is not working for you.

➡️Metabolic adaptation: Adaptive thermogenesis

People who have previously dieted often have a lower basal metabolic rate than we would expect given their weight & body composition. Researchers found the difference in resting metabolic weight between dieters maintaining weight loss & weight matched controls to be about 72- calories a day.

➡️Body composition: which will impact BMR, leptin levels – movement & hunger.

➡️Relationship with food: a consideration for the Size of deficit.

➡️Hormonal status: including but limited to PCOS, menopause & thyroid.

I am not saying online calorie calculators aren’t useful, but what I am saying is there’s a lot more to consider and be open to constantly evaluating and modifying your calories, as it’s always a moving target. They give you a starting point but, it’s important to embrace that from that start point there will be adjustments needed based on the factors mentioned above… and that is the art of good coaching.