Xmas weight loss: Manage Your Expectation

First of all, ask yourself the question: what do I want to achieve over the Xmas period regarding how much you weigh?

Setting realistic expectations will put you in a better mindset going into Xmas…for example

‘Would it be such a bad thing if I put on 1-2 pound, I know I will get back on track and lose the weight again in the new year. Instead of putting Demands and high expectations on yourself, ‘trying to be good’ and potentially setting yourself up for ‘failure’

Obviously you want to avoid excessive weight gain, but what is also important is to enjoy time with family, have some down time and enjoy food without feelings of deprivation and thinking ‘macros’ and ‘calories’. Your weight loss journey is not determined by the few days at Xmas, but what you do 365 days of the days. A healthier outlook on Xmas would be to see it as an opportunity to give yourself a rest mentally and physically. To rejuvenate the batteries so to speak, instead of focusing on what the scales say.

Here are a few simple thing you could implement over Xmas to help with damage limitation, without putting too much pressure on yourself

🔹Maybe eat at maintenance calories for a week
🔹Stay active (10,000 steps)
🔹Give yourself an eating window e.g 9-7
🔹Stop eating when you are full
🔹Be mindful of what you are eating.

Have a happy and healthy Xmas/New Year

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