You don’t need to stop eating carbs to get lean. What’s life with carbs.

Any carb dominant diet (Potatoes, Rice, Pasta, Fruit, Bread, Oats, Sweets, Sugar, Candy) or carb containing food (pizza, muffin, chocolate) can be part of your intake…

Whatever your body goal is.
“But I did a very low carb diet in the past and I lost weight”…

Sure, you might have done that.

And you lost weight because eating low carbs, helped you get into a calorie deficit.

BUT (there is a big but).

This does not mean you MUST eat low carbs to get into a calorie deficit…

There are in fact lots of different strategies you can use to ensure a calorie deficit.

And rather than imposing specific food rules of what you “can or can’t eat”, focus on understanding the principles of what drives fat loss (aka energy balance).

After that, aim to make your “diet” work for you, rather than making you work for your “diet”.

For most, that will mean eating in a FLEXIBLE and INCLUSIVE way, not a RIDGID and RESTRICTIVE way.

Remember that a strategy is only going to be as efficient as your ability to stick with it for the time needed to reach your goals.

But if you miss your favourite carb, don’t enjoy the foods you eat, or you feel very hungry from say, eating only veggies & protein (for example)…

Then you’re not really setting your self up for SUCCESS from the get go, right?

How are you getting on with your current diet? If you’re struggling feel free to drop me a 📩 or if you’re thinking about personal training click the link in my bio