Sleep is one of best investment you can make with physical and Mental health
Prioritising your sleep is essential for health and longevity. Sleep is often overlooked, with Nutition taking centre stage. But I would argue that sleep is just as important. Lack of sleep causes
🔸emotional stress
🔸less motivated to exercise
🔸poor food choices
🔸Decision-making capacity declines dramatically
🔸x4-x5 more likely to get sick
🔸Glucose regulation also becomes impaired, resulting in higher levels of glucose in your blood
For years I was guilty of adopting the attitude ‘you can sleep when your dead’ but the reality is, not only will you be dead sooner, but the quality of that shorter life will be significantly worse.
Sleep has an image problem, we often stigmatise getting sufficient sleep with this label of laziness. ‘I can function on 5 hours sleep’ how often have you heard something similar? The question I would ask is ‘yes, but are you optimal?’ Certainly not.
Lack of sleep is linked to
🔸Diabetes (200% more likely with 4-5 hours of sleep)
🔸Increased hunger
🔸Poor food choices
🔸Obesity (55% more likely to be obese if you sleep less than 6 hours a night
I highly recommend reading Matthew Walker’s (professor of neuroscience) book ‘why we sleep’. one of the many shocking statistics includes
‘If your surgeon has only slept 6 hours, you have 170% increase risk of a major surgical error’
In part 3 of my sleep series I will talk about ‘How to set yourself up for a good night sleep’

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